• Use inner code to replace weight observing and analysis tolerance
  • Software to strength anti-vibration ability
  • Zero-tracking, zero range setup (auto/manual)
  • Setup digital filter intensity, range and stable time
  • Counting function with unit data save protection in case of power off
  • Peak holding function
  • Optional function :
  • Kg/lb switch function
  • Animal scale function (A1-5 only)
  • Two fixed-value outputs function with TTL output

Technical parameter

Model A12E
Input signal range -10mV~15mV
Grand 1/30000/6000/7500
Converting speed 40 times/second
A/D code 360000
Non linearity 0.03%
Drift 0.03%
Interval 1/2/5/10/20/50
Display 0-999999
Optional interface RS232C serial communication
Transmission distance RS232C<30 meters
Power supply AC 180V-240V 49-51Hz
Humidity 85 RH
Fuse 500mA

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