Weighing & Price computing Indicator

Connection with various sizes of weighing platform scales for versatile applications such as open markets and retail stores. A variety of smart functions with 200 programmable PLU and dual display of EBi will bring your customers the highest efficiency and the convenience in their business. 24 direct PLU & 200 indirect PLU Label & Ticket print-out (DLP-50, DEP-50)


  • Price computing indicator
  • 3 LCD displays with backlight (weight, unit price, total price)
  • 3,000 division under OIML
  • Rechargeable battery operated
  • Daily total function
  • Auto power off function
  • Calculation function: accumulation / multiplication
  • Dual LCD display(front & rear)
  • RS-232C interface


  • Stand bracket
  • Wall bracket
  • DEP-50 (ticket printer)
  • DLP-50 (label printer)

24 direct PLU & 200 indirect PLU

  • 24 direct PLU keys programmable
  • Max 200 PLU memory capable


Model EBi
Input sensitivity 1.25 V
Load cell connection 1 Load cell of 350Ω
Load cell input voltage DC 5V
Zero calibration < 0.0 mV
A/D type Sigma delta
A/D internal resolution 1/60,000
A/D external resolution 1/3,000
A/D conversion speed 20 times/sec
Display 3 LCD x 6 digits
Power 12 VDC
Dimensions(mm) 6V DC Pb battery
Product weight (kg) 2.15 kg

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