Connectable with various sizes of weighing platform scales for versatile applications such us open markets and retail stores. HDI offers various convenient functions including counting, weight comparison and percentage functions at economic price.

  • 3,000 division with OIML approval
  • Ticket print-out (DEP-50)
  • Calculation functions
  • RS-232C interface


  • High-Resolution Weighing (1/15000~1/300000)
  • Counting & Percent mode Support
  • Easy operation with 9 function Keys
  • Rechargeable Battery


Model HDI
Input sensitivity 1.25µV
Load cell connection 4 load cell of 350Ω
Resolution 1/30,000
Display type LCD with back light
Display indicators Stability, Center of Zero, Gross, Net, Battery status, Hi-Ok-Lo, Units
Hi-Lo check indicators Display with Alert beeper
Weight units kg, lb
Zero range ±2%
Tare range Full Capacity by Subtraction
Operation temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃ / 32℉ ~ 104℉
Humidity range ≤90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Power AC Adaptor 12V/800mA Internal rechargeable sealed acid battery
Battery life 80 hours continuous use with 12 hour recharge time
Calibration Automatic external with kg/lb mass, factory calibration recovery
Safe overload capacity 120% of capacity
Product weight 1.5 kg

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