INS-2015: Alpha numerical keyboard, print and rechargeable battery, all-in-one indicator

The weighing terminal INS-2015 is compact and powerful weight measuring and data processing instrument. It offer high performance, hardware and software reliability, Build-in rechargeable battery and clock at a competitive price. Its user-friendly configuration and operation software allows the instrument to be configured for all weighing system, with substantial data handling capability and peripheral interfacing.


  • High speed processor and build-in clock
  • Black coated steel case
  • Build-in printer for receipt and daily
  • Build-in micro printer
  • AC/DC power supply with build-in rechargeable 12V/8AH battery
  • Alpha numeric keyboard
  • Internal resolution 1,000,000 count, display resolution 1/30,000
  • Analog and digital filtering
  • Surge load cell protection
  • Motion detection & auto zero tracking
  • Print name of material, name of company, etc…
  • Load cell excitation for 8 load cells of 350Ω each
  • Truck memory: 1,000 trucks
  • Build-in printer can print out Time/Date/Year, Weigh-in/out & Net weights (or Gross, Tare & Net weights)
  • 6 digit super bright red displays show current weight. LCD display with backlight shows Time/Date/Year, Weigh-in/out & Net weights


Weighbridges, platform scales, pallet scale, livestock scale requiring weight indication & professional documentation.


  • Display:
    Front panel : 6 digit Red LED = current weight. 20X1 VFD= company name, code name, ect…
    Display item: weight 6 digits, weight no 5 digits, truck no 10 digits, date 5 digits, code 5 digits
  • Printer & paper
    Format: Direct thermal line printing, Alphabet/Digit/Symbol Paper width 57mm, printing speed:30mm/sec
  • 2 RS-232 ports connected to PC & External display
  • Dimensions: 220mm (L) x 200mm (H) x 60mm (W)

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