A popular industry standard, universal low profile high accuracy load cell. Compact in design, the LPC is eccentric load compensated, and temperature compensated -10 to 50°C. Available in 7 different capacities from 1t to 100t. Fully environmentally sealed and supplied with quality 6 core PVC screened cable. Constructed in tool steel and corrosion resistant electroless nickel plated finish. The LPC directly replaces many International standard models and has a wide range of mounting accessories for both compression and tension applications. Supplied with quality 6 core PVC screened cable.
Standard compression and tension accessories allow simple installation and enhanced lifelong accuracy.


Applications Features
Materials testing in compression or tesion Low profile
High capacity tension weighing overhead weighing, cranes, etc 0.05% accuracy
Low profile is idea for compression weighing of hoppers, tanks & silo weighers Large capacity range 1t ~ 100t
Comprehensive mounting accessory packages


Nominal capacity 1t – 100t
Signal output at capacity 2mV/V ± 0.1%
Linearity error < 0.05% FSO
Non-repeatability < 0.02% FSO
Combined error < 0.05% FSO
Hysteresis < 0.05% FSO
Creep/zero return (30 min) < 0.03% FSO
Zero balance < 2.00% capacity
Temperature effect on span/10C < 0.02% FSO
Temperature effect on zero/10C < 0.02% capacity
Compensated temperature range -10 ~ 50°C
Operating temperature range -30 ~ 70°C
Service load 100% of rated capacity
Safe load 150% of rated capacity
Ultimate load 300% of rated capacity
Input resistance 820Ω nominal
Output resistance 705Ω nominal
Insulation resistance (bridge to ground) > 5000MΩ at 100V DC
Insulation resistance (cable to ground) > 1000MΩ at 100V DC
Excitation voltage (recommended) 5 ~ 20V AC/DC
Excitation voltage (maximum) 25V AC/DC
Storage temperature range -50 ~ 70°C
Cable type 5.5mm, screened, PVC sheath, 6 core x 0.24mm2 (24AWG)
Cable length 3m (1t ~ 5t), 5m (10t ~ 25t), 10m (50t ~ 100t)
Material Tool steel
Finish Electroless nickel plated

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