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MK-Di03 digital weighing indicator can be used with 1 – 4 SLB-D or digital load cell. It has function of accumulation and unit switch over and applies to small platform scale, weighbridge and farmers scale.

  1. Stainless steel enclosure
  2. Clock function: year, month, date, hour, minute, second, auto leap year, leap month
  3. Calibration switch code
  4. External parallel printer: allow single weigh, fixed printing format, not support printing record checking
  5. Support accumulation, clear, unit switching, by function key checking , printing accumulation data, times…etc
  6. Support regular shutdown, random code decryption function
  7. Input password before calibration and adjusting
  8. Auto networking and auto auto-creating weighing scale system
  9. Automatic and manual corner-difference adjustment
  10. Power on, auto zero-setting range, manual zero-setting range can be set separately, zero tracing range can be set
  11. Random charging by indicator, low power indication and voltage status monitoring
  12. RS232 communication interface, multi communication protocol
  13. Encryption function is available while load cell and indicator is communicating
  14. Digital load cell SN checking, overload record checking function
  15. Scoreboard interface, series port communication port and standard parallel Printer interface,fixed pound
    printing format
  16. Equipped with EMC protection
Main Technical Parameters
Digital load cell interface RS485, max transmission distance £ 75m
Transmission speed rate 19200 bps
Digital load cell power supply DC 12V/750mA
Digital load cell connection quantity 1 ~ 4 pcs
Digital load cell communication protocol MK-LUD-P protocol, MK-SLB-D protocol
Display 7 LED digital tube with 1.2 inch red light, 7 state instruction
Scoreboard interface Current loop serial output, RS232, 600 bps, transmission distance £ 100m
Serial communication interface RS232, 600 ~ 19200 bps optional
Printer interface Standart parallel print interface, recommend EPSON LQ/300K + II Panasonic KX-P1121/1131, POS 58 printer
Indicator power supply AC : Switch power supply 100V ~ 200V/AC, 50Hz
Optional DC : External connection batteries, 12V/DC
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 40°C Humidity : £ 85% (RH)
Storage temperature -10°C ~ 60°C Storage Humidity : £ 95% (RH)
Dimension 293 x 210 x 70mm
Bar size (mm) Capacity (kg) Readability (kg)
1000 x 100 500 0.1
1000 x 100 1000 0.1
1000 x 100 2000 0.2

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